We specialise in providing the
perfect custom made conservatory window blinds.


Conservatory Window blinds are not only the ultimate fashion statement they provide much-needed shade and keep you cool in summer and help protect any furniture you may have in the room. Our extensive range of conservatory blinds have been specially designed to meet your needs, being individually produced for any shape or size window. Featuring high quality performance fabrics in a wide range of colours to suit you home and your requirements. Ask us how we can help you.

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Control the heat of you conservatory
with Tec-Sun Solar Inserts


  • Tec-Sun Solar Inserts provide a “common sense solution” to heat build up by preventing the suns solar energy from entering your conservatory.
  • Tec-Sun, when supplied as Polycarbonate roof panels or inserts for retro fit, out perform all other types of polycarbonate and internal conservatory blinds. As an integral part of the conservatory, Tec-Sun conservatory blinds reduces heat build up in summer and heat loss in winter making the conservatory more comfortable – every day of the year.
  • Highly reflective, durable polyester solar laminates are inserted into the top chamber of the polycarbonate, creating a solar shield. 80% of the suns solar energy is prevented from passing through the roof. In winter, the reverse applies.
  • bullet Tec-Sun Solar Inserts reflects rising heat back into the conservatory resulting in reduced energy costs and greater comfort levels every day of the year whilst allowing high levels of light penetration.


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To enhance this new area a roof blind and coordinating window blinds will complete the finishing touch as well as controlling the solar heat and sun glare.