Stay Cool with an Awning from extensive range.


Why choose an awning?

  • Keeps your room cool and free from damaging sun rays
  • Furnishings will be protected as a result
  • It will give you privacy
  • It will give you a great area to entertain friends and have al fresco dinners
  • Children will be protected from the sun while playing outside
  • Use your Garden – whatever the weather

Imagine how wonderful it would be to spend more time enjoying your garden than ever before – adding extra living space to your home and creating the perfect environment for outdoor entertaining all year round. With an awning you can!

An awning gives you the satisfaction of knowing that whatever the weather, you can enjoy your garden. No more rushing indoors during light summer showers or having to cancel outdoor plans, with an awning you can indulge in outdoor entertainment with confidence and always have the perfect excuse for alfresco dining or having friends round for a barbecue party!

An awning effectively extends your living room into the garden, by giving you an outdoor space that is protected from the elements.



Advantages of an awning:

Patio Awnings Choosing an awning means you won’t have to worry about the effects of the sun. If the weather gets a little too hot, your awning will shade and protect you. And while you enjoy the outdoors, your indoor area will be shaded too, preventing your fabrics and furnishings from fading.

Adding an awning to your home creates extra living space without the need for planning permission or disruptive building work. Space to let the kids spread out their toys and to relax after a hard day at work. Plus it’s the perfect place to enjoy garden.

Awnings for Patio and Garden Materials used in awnings:

Awnings should be manufactured from the most durable components combined with advanced technology and beautiful fabrics. Awnings are available in a range of colours and fabrics to enhance your home and garden. Modern and stylish, bright and bold, plain or prints – whatever your taste or preference, you will be able to complement your surroundings.

As awnings are placed outdoors, they have to be able to endure the most extreme weather conditions. Fabrics and components need to be able to resist fading and temperature fluctuations.

Fabrics need to be:

  • Bullet Teflon coated, so that they won’t weaken when exposed to the natural elements.
  • Bullet Coated with an anti-mildew treatment, to help prevent unsightly markings or spots.
  • Bullet Strain resistant, to ensure that they won’t shrink or twist.
  • Bullet UV-stabilised to resist fading.

Sensors and Timers


Soliris sun and wind sensor

Your awning reacts automatically to the weather. As soon as the sun comes out, it extends automatically, and your patio and rooms are shaded and remain cool. Maximum convenience! Also, if strong winds threaten, your awning retracts automatically.

Centralis RTS
All Rts switches have a range of 200 meters in open space and 20 meters through two concrete walls so they can be used anywhere in the house



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